Republic of Korea

Dong-Pil Min


Emeritus Professor of Physics, Seoul National University


Dong-Pil Min was Chairman of the Korea Research Council of Fundamental Science and Technology (KRCF) which establishes the policies of 13 Korean government-funded research institutions as their common Board of Trustees. In 2010 he launched an international forum of public research institutes for science and science policy, Seoul Science & Technology Forum, to provide an arena for the serious discussion about global challenges and to start an effective cooperation to address them.  He served as scientific advisor to the presidential candidate Lee Myung Bak in 2007 and led the ‘Science and Business Belt Task Force’ of the 17th Presidential Transition Committee in 2008.

Previously, Min held several leadership positions including Vice-President of the Korean Physical Society, Chair of National Information Research Center Council, Director-General of Korea Research Foundation, and Chair of the Korean Research Council of Fundamental Science and Technology (KRCF). For the previous 28 years, he was Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Seoul National University. Min received his PhD and Docteur-ès-Science in Theoretical Physics from the University of Paris in 1976 and 1980 respectively.