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UNESCO-IHP's participation in the World Water Forum

The World Water Forum is the largest international event dedicated to water, bringing together NGOs, private sector, governments and international organizations. It is organized by the respective host country of the Forum and the World Water Council. IHP, the intergovernmental platform for water within the UN system, is strongly engaged in the organization of the Forum, aiming to raise awareness among decision-makers and the public at large on water issues and to generate action, thus improving access to water supply and sanitation and report on progress towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. IHP is involved in over 30 sessions and events, listed below.

SATURDAY – 17 March

  • Full day - Youth Forum (Citizen's process)
  • 10h40-12h - Reaching a common ground on key water issues: Themes Climate, Urban, People - Part I
    Side event during the Youth Forum

SUNDAY- 18 March


  • "Water innovation challenge" at Youth Forum


  • Reaching a common ground on key water issues; Intergenerational exchanges - Part I

MONDAY – 19 March

Opening ceremony - address by the Director-General of UNESCO


  • Multilateral meeting of the Global Alliances for Water and Climate


  •  Thematic Opening Plenary "Sharing"
    (thematic session)
  • Special session “Water and Disaster” (ICHARM Centre for Water Hazards)


  • Session 8.a.1. "Information and training for decision makers"
    Thematic session - Theme Capacity

TUESDAY – 20 March


  • Session 4.a.2: "Connecting cities with their basins for a water secure future"
    Thematic session - Theme Urban
  • Session R-ASI-Eco-28: "Mobilizing science for the SDGs through enhanced freshwater ecosystem management in Asia and the Pacific"
    Regional session


  • Session 7.a.3: "Empowering people, developing capacities and sharing information"
    Thematic session - Theme Sharing
  •  Climate session of the Asia-Pacific Regional Process (ICHARM Centre for Water Hazards)


  • Side event: "Défis scientifique et techniques de la gestion intégrée de la ressource en eau dans un contexte de changement climatique"


  • Organizer of session 1.b.1: "How climate change affects all the different water users: The need for cross-sectoral approaches for adaptation"
    Thematic session - Theme Climate
  •  Special session “Water and Disaster” (ICHARM Centre for Water Hazards)


  • Side event co-organized by the Kyoto University and UNESCO-IHP International Initiative on Water Quality: "Water Quality of Global Lakes & Reservoirs"


  • Session 7.b.2: "Implementation of inclusive policies with the participation of all stakeholders"
    Thematic session - Theme Sharing


  • Co-organizer of the Side event: "IHP collaborative programs and initiatives for Water Security in Latin America and the Caribbean"

WEDNESDAY – 21 March


  • Rresentation of the "Peru Report, for the 8th World Water Forum: Sharing Water" IHP-UNESCO is participating at the invitation of ANA (National Water Authority of Peru)
  • "UNESCO-PHI droughts session programme : Experiences in facing droughts in the Americas"
    Regional process


  • Session: "Urban Water Challenges in the Americas"
    Regional process
  • Session 7.c.1: "Fostering new cultures of participation"
    Thematic session - Theme Sharing
  • Organizer of session 7.c.1: "Fostering new cultures of participation"
    Thematic session - Theme 7


  • Organizer and panelist of the Side Event: "Fostering transboundary water cooperation in the 2030 Agenda"


  • Panelist - Data and tools to faciltate water management and decision making
    Special session - Theme Capacity
  • Panelist at session 1.d.1: "Science and Policy: Improving Collaboration at National and Project Scales for Climate-Informed Decision Making"
    Thematic session - Theme Climate


  • Organizer and panelist of Side Event: "Building bridges between UNESCO-IHP’s Ecohydrology approach, the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries and the Organization of Ibero-American States: research, education and capacity development to achieve the SDGs"


  • Session "From the 7th to the 8th World Water Forum: three years of Implementation Roadmap"
    Special session
  • Session: "Open source and big data for water use efficiency and sustainable management"
    Thematic session - Theme Capacity
  • Session 1.d.2: "Citizen science approach in hydro-climate services for achieving the SDGs and global goals"
    Thematic session - Theme Climate
  •  Asia-Pacific Regional Process (ICHARM Centre for Water Hazards)

THURSDAY - 22 March

9:00 - 10:30        

  • Panelist at session 1.d.3: "Uncertainty and limitation of science and science communication"
    Thematic session

 11:00 - 12:30      

  • Keynote speaker & Moderator at session 5.d.3: "Implementing Technical Solutions to Improve Water Quality at Medium, Small and Micro-scales"
    Thematic session - Theme Ecosystems
  •  Key speaker at session 7.c.3: "From water heritage and to water consciousness"
    Thematic session - Theme Sharing


  • Organizer and panelist of the Side Event: "UNESCO Human Capacity Development with African Union’s NEPAD Networks of Water Centres of Excellence"


  • Closing session on Theme 7.Sharing
  • Organizer and panelist at Side Event: "Addressing Water Security and Climate Change Impacts on Mountains and Vulnerable Drylands"