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Tertiary and professional education

Human capacities and expertise of the water sector and related areas must be ensured to guarantee universal access to freshwater and address complex challenges linked to social, economic, climatic, and other factors at local, regional and global levels.


  • Support the enhancement of tertiary water education capacities, particularly in developing countries.
  • Promote and assist the development of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary curricula and research initiatives linked to water-related programs in higher education and research institutions.
  • Strengthen collaboration between UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, the UNESCO Category II Water Centres and UNESCO water-related Chairs, other UN system agencies and programmes, and existing international water-related education programmes.
  • Promote and support strategies and actions for continuous professional development of water scientists, engineers, managers and policy makers in the water sector.
  • Develop interdisciplinary materials, such as guidelines, briefing papers, prototype professional development programmes and case studies connected with water education for water security, linked to the implementation of other IHP themes and programmes.