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Education for cooperation

Since the majority of large basins and aquifers in the world are shared between two or more countries, the management and conservation of water resources needs to take place through negotiations and the establishment of agreements. However, very few institutions around the world have specialized courses or projects on water negotiation for cooperation.  IHP supports the development of educational initiatives that support transboundary water cooperation and negotiation. PCCP (From Potential Conflict to Cooperation Potential), is a long-term IHP project which aims to compile and develop wise practices and guidance tools on shared water resources management and negotiation. New capacity building tools, guidelines, curricula and case studies to support Member States in their ongoing transboundary management and negotiations will be developed in this phase.


  • Provide technical assistance for the development of interdisciplinary support materials, such as guidelines, briefing papers, and case studies on leading practices in education and capacity building for transboundary water cooperation.
  • Improve Member States’ cooperation and mutual understanding, strengthen capacities and develop agreements for the sustainable management of transboundary water through capacity building activities at all levels.
  • Assist in the development of curricula and research on transboundary water cooperation in higher education institutions.