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Resources - ISI

ISI information brochure [PDF format - 536 KB]
2009 edition
The International Sediment Initiative (ISI) promotes sustainable sediment management at the global scale in an effort to contribute to sustainable water resources management.

Towards Practical Guidance for Sustainable Sediment Management using the Sava River Basin as a Showcase [PDF format - 3.3 MB]
2014 edition
The project was launched upon the initiative of UNESCO Venice Office, together with the UNESCO International Sediment Initiative (ISI), European Sediment Network (SedNet) and the International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC) aiming to develop and validate a practical guidance on how to achieve a SSM Plan on the river-basin scale, using the Sava River Basin as a showcase.

International Sediment Initiative: River Basin Case Study Report [PDF format - 1.3 MB]
2011 edition
The Case Studies presented draw on international experiences in sediment measurement and management to provide guidance for policy makers dealing with water and river basin management.

Sediment issues & sediment management in large river basins: interim case study synthesis report [PDF format - 3.0 MB]
2011 edition
Case studies prepared as a key component of the International Sediment Initiative, have been produced for the Nile River Basin, the Mississippi River Basin (USA), the Rhine River Basin, the Volga River Basin, the Yellow River Basin (China) and the Haihe and Liaohe Rivers (China).

Erosion and sediment dynamics from catchment to coast [PDF format - 2.03 MB]
(Technical Documents in Hydrology N°82, 2008)
This volume comprises two papers: “A Northern Perspective” by Giampaolo DiSilvio and “A Southern Perspective” by Gerrit Basson. The subject of both papers is the modelling and prediction of sediment processes in watersheds and watercourses, which is essential for the development of sediment management policies and strategies in the respective regions.

Modelling erosion, sediment transport and sediment yield [PDF format - 3.64 MB]
2002 edition
This publication assembles a collection of papers dealing with recent work on the field of modelling erosion, sediment transport and sediment yield in order to demonstrate the state-of-the-art in this important area.