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Resources - IFI

IFI information flyer [PDF format – 1.2 MB]
2007 edition
The International Flood Initiative (IFI) promotes an integrated approach to flood management to take advantage of the benefits of floods and use of flood plains while reducing the social, environmental and economic risks.

IFI information brochure [PDF format – 843 KB]
2007 edition
This 23-page information brochure provides a full description of the IFI concept, as well as its implementation strategy and expected outputs.

Guidelines on non-structural measures in urban flood management [PDF format - 1.18 MB]
2001 edition
The purpose of the Guidelines is to offer a set of complementary approaches to already well-known engineering, structural measures, rather than to propose ready-made solutions. This document takes into account the physical damages and the consequences of pollution caused by urban flooding.