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Resources - IDI

IDI information brochure [PDF format - 1.6 MB]
2014 edition
The International Drought Initiative (IDI) aims at providing a platform for networking and dissemination of knowledge and information between international entities that are active working on droughts.

African Drought Monitor [PDF format - 1.5 MB]
2014 edition
In collaboration with the International Hydrology Programme, Princeton University has developed an experimental drought monitoring and forecast system for sub-Saharan Africa.

Endorsement of Recent IHP Initiatives [PDF format - 47 kB]
2010 edition
Endorsement of the International Drought Initiative and request of the Secretariat of IHP to explore with partners, members of IFI, Member States, and existing national and regional drought related activities, the most effective mechanisms for incorporating IDI as part of IHP-VII programme implementation.