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Urban ecohydrology

Urban populations cause large demands on life-support resources and services, including water, which is one of the major causes of the world’s water crisis. The dynamic spatial expansion of cities is characterized by highly diverse patches of urban development and “novel ecosystems” impacts sustainability of cities. Therefore, the quality of life and human health are top priorities for the sustainable city development, thus the need for a new paradigm of holistic city management. In terms of the water cycle, one of the major impacts is the runoff management. But in urban areas, a change in the perception of storm water management can be accomplished through the application BMPs and more recently, ecohydrological biotechnologies for water purification and retention. Consideration for the enhancement of purified storm water retention in “green areas” in the city spatial planning results as a friendly “blue-green city landscape” with reduced energy consumption, pollutants transfer and accumulation as well as improved human health, aesthetic and cultural values.