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Ecohydrology for ecosystem resilience

The use of ecosystem properties as a management tool is based on the first and the second principles of EH and related to ecological engineering. The implementation of social learning and communication methodology serves the harmonization of society’s priorities with expert knowledge and recent achievements of science, and jointly contributes to sustainable development based on enhanced ecosystem carrying capacity and ecosystem services.
Progressing global changes and increasing demand for more sustainable and efficient management focused on changing social needs and context, identification and evaluation, as well as functional incorporation of ecosystem services as integral element of water management and economics, sustainable water supply and demand models is a necessity. There is a need to change a perception of ecological systems in economic models from “compulsory costs” to “potential benefits”.
In both agricultural landscape and urban space, ecohydrological biotechnologies (based on “dual regulation”) have to be developed in order to increase water availability, food /bioenergy productivity, reduce diffuse pollutant emission, enhance biodiversity and serve human health and quality of life by development system approach toward regulation the complexity of interactions between the water cycle, ecosystems and societies.