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Implementation Structure

IHP-VIII Water Security
Each of the six IHP-VIII themes addresses five focal areas. These focal areas represent major water security challenges that have been identified as high priority by the Member States of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP). 
Each focal area includes a set of specific objectives that can be achieved through IHP interventions. These objectives are the implementation targets of IHP-VIII and are at the same time designed to be consistent with UNESCO's Result Based Management, which focus on Impacts and Outcome. 
The structure of IHP-VIII lends itself to UNESCO's Result Based Management approach. The dashed box enclosing "specific objectives" indicates the main planning and prioritizing elements of IHP-VIII implementation.

Formulation of IHP-VIII Implementation Plan

The 20th session of the IHP Council (Paris, 4-7 June 2012) established a working group to support the implementation of IHP-VIII. On 12 September 2013, the group, which is composed of experts nominated by the National Committees of IHP Member States, Members of the IHP Bureau. Directors of category 2 and category 1 water-related institutes and centres, and UNESCO water Chairs, met in Nairobi, Kenya to outline the major IHP-VIII implementation priorities for the first Biennium (2014-2015) of the phase's eight-year strategic time frame (2014-2021) (read the Nairobi meeting final report here).
Recognizing that IHP-VIII is an eight-year plan, with about a hundred and fifty specific objectives, the working group carefully considered each of the six themes, their focal areas and the associated specific objectives to define the order of priority, key outputs, interventions, the main partners and linkages with UNESCO priorities for Africa and gender equality. 
The working group met in parallel sessions to discuss the six themes. Each session presented the outcome of its work in the form of an implementation matrix, which subsequently informed the Secretariat's actual programming for the 37 C/5 Programme and Budget for 2014-2017.