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Sixth session of the Conference of Parties to the International Convention against Doping in Sport

UNESCO Paris, France, 25-26 September 2017

Marking the ten-year anniversary of the International Convention against Doping in Sport’s entry into force, the sixth Conference of Parties was held on 25 and 26 September 2017 at UNESCO Headquarters.

This Conference aimed at:

  • increasing the reach and visibility of the Convention;
  • strengthening the implementation of the Convention and reinforcing the Fund for the Elimination of Doping in Sport;
  • strengthening multi-stakeholder cooperation in the fight against doping.

While the main objective of the Conference of Parties is to monitor the implementation of obligations set forth under the Convention by States Parties, it also represents an opportunity to review and enhance the contemporary relevance of the Convention.

Moreover, it provides States Parties with a forum to discuss both strategic actions and challenges, as well propose innovative opportunities to enrich exchange and identify synergies with key players within the framework of the anti-doping governance. To this end, the Fund for the Elimination of Doping in Sport is an invaluable instrument for the practical, in-country implementation of the Convention, primarily in strengthening the capacities of States Parties. This year the Fund also celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Since 2007, the following major milestones have been achieved:

  • Development and further updates of the rules of procedure and allocation of the Fund for the Elimination of Doping in Sport established in 2008;
  • Development of the Anti-Doping Logic follow-up mechanism in 2009, based on national reports describing anti-doping measures implemented by States Parties;
  • Notification of non-compliance addressed to States Parties in breach of the obligations set forth under the Convention;
  • Institutionalization and progressive strengthening of the role of the Bureau of the Convention;
  • Establishment of a university chair specialized in the fight against doping under the patronage of UNESCO.

In addition to the 186 States Parties signatory to the Convention, all UNESCO Member States were invited to participate in this session. Key partners include the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the Council of Europe (CoE), and various intergovernmental and international sports organizations.

The fifth session of the Conference of Parties, held in 2015, gathered more than 350 participants from 115 countries.