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Youth Employment in the Mediterranean (YEM)



YEM project expected results

The expected results of the YEM project are:

Strengthened national systems for skills needs assessment and anticipation

This will be achieved through developing and applying tools that support skills needs anticipation and inform policy-making. The national and regional dialogue on future skills needs will also be enhanced by using national stakeholders’ platforms and through peer-learning and networking activities.

TVET promoted as a quality and attractive pathway, especially for women 

This will be achieved through effective dissemination and use of findings in the area of TVET, by communicating them through training programmes, training providers and career counselling. This will establish a virtuous feedback loop between the labour market and education and training actors, and underpin the responsiveness of training systems to the issue of skills mismatch and changing skills needs. The approach also includes the promotion of work-based learning arrangements.

A regional platform established for cooperation on assessing and anticipating changing skills needs

By establishing a regional platform, regional cooperation and knowledge-sharing activities will be facilitated to consolidate progress on national levels and disseminate good practices among key regional actors involved in the field of skills anticipation and curricula development. The platform will deepen the understanding of different policy drivers and levers that promote skills anticipation initiatives, and inform about emerging trends in skills needs in the region, with particular focus on green and digital economies.