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UNESCO observatory of killed journalists

Total number of results: 1358

Name Gender Date killed Nationality Judicial enquiry status Country in which killed DG condemnation Member State response *
Ahmed Taner Keslali Male 21/10/1999 Turkish Turkey Link
Guzman Quintero Torres Male 16/09/1999 Colombian Colombia Link
Jaime Garzón Male 13/08/1999 Colombian Colombia Link
Slavko Curuvija Male 11/04/1999 Yugoslav Serbia Link
Mahmoud Saremi Male 08/08/1998 Iranian Afghanistan Link
Larissa Yudina Female 08/06/1998 Russian Russian Federation Link
Ali Tenkhi Male 20/08/1997 Algerian Algeria Link
Louisa Aït-Adda Female 26/06/1997 Algerian Algeria Link
Mohammad Sayuti Male 12/06/1997 Indonesian Indonesia Link
Shamsuddin Haider Male 09/06/1997 Pakistani Pakistan Link
Danny Hernandez Male 03/06/1997 Filipino Philippines Link
Leonicio Pintor Garcia Male 02/06/1997 Mexican Mexico Link
Chet Duong Daravuth Female 30/03/1997 Cambodian Cambodia Link
Gerardo Bedoya Male 20/03/1997 Colombian Colombia Link
José Luis Cabezas Male 25/01/1997 Argentinian Argentina Link
Natan Pereira Gatinho Male 11/01/1997 Brazilian Brazil Link
Mokrane Hamoui Male 15/10/1996 Algerian Algeria Link
Ramzan Khadjiev Male 12/08/1996 Russian Russian Federation Link
Mohamed Kessab Male 11/08/1996 Algerian Algeria Link
Thun Bunly Male 18/05/1996 Cambodian Cambodia Link
Viktor Mikhailov Male 11/05/1996 Russian Russian Federation Link
Igor Grouchetsky Male 10/05/1996 Ukrainian Ukraine Link
Nina Yefimova Female 08/05/1996 Russian Russian Federation Link
Djamel Bouchibi Male 24/04/1996 Algerian Algeria Link
Djilali Arabidou Male 12/03/1996 Algerian Algeria Link
Belgacem Saadi Male 02/03/1996 Algerian Algeria Link
Ferdinand Reyes Male 12/02/1996 Filipino Philippines Link
Allaoua Ait Mebarek Male 11/02/1996 Algerian Algeria Link
Djamel Deraza Male 11/02/1996 Algerian Algeria Link
Mohamed Dorben Male 11/02/1996 Algerian Algeria Link