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UNESCO observatory of killed journalists

Total number of results: 1376

Name Gender Date killed Nationality Judicial enquiry status Country in which killed DG condemnation Member State response *
Dina Mohammed Hassan Female 14/10/2004 Iraqi Iraq Link
Karam Hussein Male 14/10/2004 Iraqi Iraq Link
Dipankar Chakrabarty Male 02/10/2004 Bangladeshi Bangladesh Link
Juan Andújar Male 14/09/2004 Dominican Dominican Republic Link Link
Enzo Baldoni Male 26/08/2004 Italian Iraq Link
Hossain Kamal Male 22/08/2004 Bangladeshi Bangladesh Link
Iyer Balanadarajah Male 16/08/2004 Sri Lankan Sri Lanka Link Link
Dakendra Raj Thapa Male 11/08/2004 Nepalese Nepal Link
Roger Mariano Male 31/07/2004 Filipino Philippines Link Link
Paul Klebnikov Male 09/07/2004 American Russian Federation Link
Humayun Kabir Balu Male 24/06/2004 Bangladeshi Bangladesh Link
Francisco Javier Ortiz Franco Male 22/06/2004 Mexican Mexico Link
Ely Binoya Male 17/06/2004 Filipino Philippines Link Link
Simon Cumbers Male 06/06/2004 Irish Saudi Arabia Link
Dusko Jovanovic Male 28/05/2004 Serbian Serbia Link
Ali Abdel Aziz Male 18/03/2004 Iraqi Iraq Link
Ali Al-Khatib Male 18/03/2004 Iraqi Iraq Link
Majid Rachid Male 18/03/2004 Iraqi Iraq Link
Mohamad Ahmad Male 18/03/2004 Iraqi Iraq Link
Nadia Nasrat Female 18/03/2004 Iraqi Iraq Link
Ricardo Ortega Male 07/03/2004 Spanish Haiti Link
Khalil Al-Zaben Male 01/03/2004 Palestinian Palestine Link
Antonio de la Torre Echeandía Male 14/02/2004 Peruvian Peru Link
Ruel Endrinal Male 11/02/2004 Filipino Philippines Link Link
Carlos Guadamuz Male 10/02/2004 Nicaraguan Nicaragua Link
Oscar Alberto Polanco Herrera Male 04/02/2004 Colombian Colombia Link
Sajid Tanoli Male 29/01/2004 Pakistani Pakistan Link
Duraid Isa Mohammed Male 27/01/2004 Iraqi Iraq Link
Yasser Khatab Male 27/01/2004 Iraqi Iraq Link
Manik Shaha Male 15/01/2004 Bangladeshi Bangladesh Link