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Sustainable Community Media Policy

South Sudan

Although South Sudan presents an opportune environment for the extension of community media, contunuing instability in the country prevents the sector from gaining a strong foothold. In spite of this challenge, 12 community radio stations operate in the nation as members of the Community Media Network of South Sudan (CoMNeTSS). The network was established in November 2015 by representatives from each of the local radio stations and joins them together under the common aim to promote peacebuilding, reconciliation and the prevention of violence.

National legislation does not provide any direct obstacle to community media, but the ongoing conflict is significantly disturbing the normal functioning of the economy. As a result, local radio stations are not able to generate sufficient resources from advertising and are forced to rely heavily on support from international organizations and civil society.

To help raise awareness for these issues facing community media in South Sudan, UNESCO is planning to arrange consultations with key duty bearers, as well as relevant community media representatives, networks and experts, to promote sustainable policy. The Organization will also make efforts to enhance knowledge sharing and dialogue between all stakeholders to facilitate continued strengthening of community media capacities in the country.