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Multi-Donor Programme on Freedom of Expression and Media Pluralism

Media Pluralism and Diversity / Sustainable Community Media / Media and Information Literacy


UNESCO's Special Account for Freedom of Expression and Media Pluralism is a multi-faceted approach to tackle issues in the media. The Organization is working with duty bearers and encouraging the adoption of sustainable policy for community media, the third branch of the media that has the capacity to focus on pressing local issues. Simultaneously, the program is strengthening the capacity of audiences to better engage with the media, assess the information they receive and enter into discussions regarding their rights on and offline. In this manner, UNESCO is contributing to the development of a healthy relationship between a reliable and responsive media and their informed audiences of all ages.





The Special Account for Sustainable Community Media Policy and Media and Information Literacy is a fund open to all donors wishing to support this initiative. For more information, please contact Mirta Lourenço (, Chief of Section for Media Development and Society at UNESCO.


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