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MILID Network's response to COVID-19

Statement from the Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue University Network

MIL for Critical and Constructive Dialogue about COVID-19 and way beyond

In the current period of social distancing and unnatural social interaction, dialogue and cultural diversity, founded in critical information verification, critical social discourses in the media and online environments, and purposeful engagement with technology must be buoyed by media and information literacy. This is the "raison d’être" of the UNESCO-UNAOC UNITWIN Cooperation Programme on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID University Network). As a response to the coronavirus crisis, the MILID University Network will share its experience in research and dialogue to unite people under the cause of discerning factual information from destructive discourses to promote human solidarity, cultural diversity, and the fight against racism through media and information literacy in these unprecedented times.

One cannot deny the value and importance of media and information literacy for all people, including youth. The necessity of media and information literacy has become more prominent since the turn of the 21st century with the rise of social media.

During the present COVID-19 pandemic, the world is witnessing another, almost equally, dangerous pandemic; the spread of disinformation as well as discrimination and racism. The COVID-19 pandemic is unfortunately eroding the already fragile global solidarity and could hinder progress towards cultural diversity. The MILID University is committed to reinforcing MIL as an empowerment tool to equip citizens to research and find ways to become engaged in constructive dialogue and actions. In this way, citizens can contribute to promote human solidarity as well as to self-protect against disinformation and harmful content.

The MILID University Network was launched in 2011 in Fez, Morocco by UNESCO, UNAOC, and eight founding universities. The eight universities were from Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Jamaica, Morocco, Spain, and the United States of America. Since then the MILID Network has grown to forty member universities and other associate members from all regions of the world. The main objective of the network is to create platforms for cultural and scientific collaboration around MIL while nurturing intercultural dialogue and diversity.


Planned actions

A portal containing blogs, short essays, audiovisual resources on MIL, games, applications and research materials in regard to health information, dialogue and MIL generally to be disseminated through social networks

Series of webinars on MIL enabling dialogue, mutual respect, and the suppression of racial discrimination, in the context of the COVID-19 and way beyond:

  • What can we learn from past pandemics? Taking a historical perspective to enhance MIL among youth, 23 July
  • Media and information literacy joins intercultural competencies: a dual approach for diversity, 30 July
  • When global citizens face a global crisis: Linking up solutions for deeper change, 6 August
  • How can archives, libraries and museums help combat the disinfodemic amid COVID-19, 27 August

The webinars will be organized via Zoom. The link is coming shortly.

MILID Online Summer School Global Network under the umbrella of UNITWIN for MIL related courses:

Series of webinars for University students on MIL, disinformation and health information in connection with Global MIL Week 2020 theme, Resisting the disinfodemic: Media and information literacy for everyone by everyone;

MILID Gown and Town initiatives: Partnering with Business and Technological giants in building MIL entrepreneurship and innovative technological skills. This initiative includes a series of collaborative webinars on the topic "MIL Cities for everybody: Information driven social dialogue":

  • MIL Cities and MIL Opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs: A social dialogue approach, 13 August, 4 PM (Paris time)
  • MIL Competencies for corporate reality: New corporate design and social discourses, 19 August, 4 PM (Paris time)
  • Universities as MIL Cities and cultural spaces: Shifting campus dialogue, 17 September, 4 PM (Paris time)


The webinars will be organized via Zoom. The link is coming shortly.

MILID TED Talks style shows on global MIL cutting edge solutions and initiatives to be anchored on YouTube or other social media platforms

Call for videos:

The crowdsourcing and dissemination of videos from personal narrative viewpoints – those who have experience discrimination and racism as result of COVID-19 related stigma and other intersectionality issues

Call for videos:

Promotion of MOOCs on fake news, disinformation, misinformation and mal-information for Journalists educators, Media Trainers and non-formal institutions

The MIL Global Family Tree Project, a long-term activity, that starts now. It will be a storybook from personal narratives style about individuals involvement in MIL development, from where, what or whom inspiration was drawn, and in the focused context of social opportunities not just problems – thus mirroring a better world of crises such as COVID-19 disinfodemic, disinformation, hate and radicalization, polarization, racial discrimination, unethical practices, etc. The MIL Global Family Tree Project has already started, and proposing expansion.

This initiative is organized jointly with: