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Policy advice on ICT in education

UNESCO helps its Member States develop and implement sector-wide policies and plans to harness the potential of ICT to ensure equitable and inclusive lifelong learning opportunities for all. For this purpose, UNESCO is developing global ICT in Education Policy Guidelines about the ways ICT can advance progress toward Education 2030 targets.

The Organization works with Ministry of Education officials and other stakeholders to establish coherent goals for ICT integration in education and then facilitates the formulation of appropriate policies and master plans to advance these goals and create enabling environments. Through its policy toolkit and workshops, the Organization helps guide the process of creating, planning and evaluating inter-sectoral or sector-wide ICT in education policies and programmes.

UNESCO also helps its Member States take stock of lessons learned in other countries. The Organization regularly publishes work examining ICT in education policies in different countries to identify best practices, analyze emerging trends, and make recommendations. It further organizes regional ICT in education ministerial forums to facilitate knowledge exchanges across borders.

Overall, UNESCO works to help countries craft policies that use the power of ICT to expand and improve education in line with SDG4.

Recent regional ICT in education ministerial forums: Africa 2017; Asia 2017