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Best practices in mobile learning

About the UNESCO-Fazheng project

Mobile learning is often kept on the periphery of teaching and learning in classrooms. To succeed, mobile learning initiatives must be purposeful and adequately planned as part of school-wide, holistic approaches.

The project aims to:

  • identify, analyze and assess holistic best practices in mobile learning at the school level
  • inform policy-makers and practitioners about lessons learned in other schools and countries and conduct consultations on promoting school-wide mobile learning models
  • develop a framework in line with SDG4 that aims to guide the school-wide planning and the use of mobile learning

It also seeks to convene government representatives, education specialists, mobile learning experts, project managers, researchers, teachers, school leaders, and industry partners at international and regional conferences to share mobile learning innovations and strategies. The aim is to accelerate learning and formulate a framework to guide the future planning and establishment of e-schools.

In order to find best practice case studies, UNESCO launched a call for proposals in 2018 for institutions fulfilling the following eligibility criteria:

  • individual schools or groups of schools,
  • providing primary and/or secondary education,
  • demonstrating a school-wide mobile learning model - a set of mobile learning practices for learning, teaching and school management – that have been implemented
  • the mobile learning model is being implemented across grades and subject areas,
  • can present supporting evidence (based on data and other validated evidences) to prove that the mobile learning models have been effective.

UNESCO received more than 150 applications from 41 countries around the world. An Expert Group, established in 2016 to support the implementation of the project, evaluated the received proposals based on defined selection criteria, which evolved around the following seven broad categories or pillars of mobile learning: Vision, School-wide programming, Mobile learning environment, Capacity building and incentive strategy, School-wide mobile learning practice, Achievements, Broader impact and sustainability

The group also aims to provide technical guidance in developing the publication Best Practices in Mobile Learning which will present successful mobile learning practices at the school level; help identify additional partners; boost communication about the project and help to position it at high level conferences; and disseminate publications among policymakers and stakeholders. An online database will help guide schools attempting to use mobile technology for learning.


  • Fazheng Group
    The Fazheng Group is a multi-business organization in China which covers a wide range of interests including education. It has established a global school network providing comprehensive coverage of K-12 education.
  • Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET
    Founded in 1995, the CARNET operates under the Ministry of Science and Education in the field of ICT use in education in Croatia. It currently offers more than 70 services connecting 1800 institutions in 3700 locations
  • Center of Studies on Information and Communication Technologies – CETIC
    The is a reference centre for the production of indicators and statistics on the use of ICTs in Brazil. It publishes specialized surveys and reports on the use of ICTs by various segments of society.
  • European Schoolnet
    European Schoolnet is the network of 34 European Ministries of Education based in Brussels bringing innovation in teaching and learning to ministries of education, schools, teachers, researchers, and industry partners.
  • Fundación CEIBAL
    The Center for Research Ceibal Foundation explores, creates and promotes excellence in research which helps support policy and decision-making concerning the use of digital technologies to create better learning opportunities.


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