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International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education

Planning Education in the AI Era: Lead the leap

An international conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and education will take place in Beijing, China from 16 to 18 May 2019. The conference will provide a platform for Member States, international organizations, civil society and the AI industry to:

  • debate whether skills needed to successfully cope in the AI era can be anticipated, and share experiences on the development of such skills that will enable humans to adapt to a society informed by AI;
  • exchange information on the latest trends in AI and how the trends are shaping education and learning;
  • assess lessons learned from emerging national policies and strategies for leveraging AI to achieve SDG 4; and
  • strengthen international cooperation and partnership for promoting equitable, inclusive, and transparent use of AI in education.

The conference is expecting more than 500 participants, including approximately two high-level representatives from each participating Member State, as well as representatives of UN agencies and international organizations, leaders of the AI industry, academic experts, policy-makers and practitioners.

A synthesis report to document the main achievements and outcomes of the Conference will be published, as well as a Consensus, to be developed and adopted by the high-level representatives of the Member States.

The conference is co-organized by UNESCO, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO.  


  • By nomination: A formal letter of invitation will be shared with Member States channelled through Permanent Delegations to nominate country representatives.
  • By invitation: Invitation will be extended to representatives of  the UN agencies, international organizations, civil society and leaders of the AI industry with innovative practices on AI in education, as well as leading experts and practitioners specialized in AI and education. 






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