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Global Convention on the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications

Today 5 million students are studying abroad and 2.5 million are studying outside their home region. These numbers are estimated to grow in the years to come. This significant mobility of  tertiary students calls for a global regulatory framework for the recognition of higher education qualifications, the Global Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education.

In the auspices of UNESCO, as a result of discussions since the creation of the Organization in the 40s, the Global Convention is expected to be adopted by the 40th session of the General Conference in November 2019.

The Global Convention will be the first United Nations treaty on higher education with a global scope. It will reduce the obstacles faced by students, teachers, researchers and job-seekers outside their countries of origin. In line with the Education 2030 Agenda and current global trends in higher education, the Convention aims to facilitate academic mobility, improve quality of higher education institutions and enhance international cooperation in higher education.

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Ms. Leticia Sakai
Associate Project Officer