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Global Ethics and Bioethics Week

14-18 October 2019

The objective of the Global Ethics and Bioethics Week (GEBW) is to address critical issues around bioethics and to facilitate dialogue and awareness between participants from multiple and diverse backgrounds and sectors. This year, the GEBW will address the important role of bioethics and ethical reflection in research and technological applications to promote human well-being and respect for human rights. Join us this week to discover new videos everyday on bioethics and ethics of science and technology.

The week is organized by members and associate members of the UN Inter-Agency Committee on Bioethics (UNIACB).

The following interviews with experts selected by various UNIACB partners, intend to define what bioethics and ethics of science and technology are, and how they can play an enabling role in scientific activity, policy-making, development and social well-being.

UNIACB brings together different inter-governmental organizations within and outside the United Nations system and provides a forum of exchange of information in the field of bioethics and related issues, with special attention to human rights.