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UNESCO Databases of Resources on Education

Right to Education


  • LitBase compiles effective adult literacy and numeracy programmes from around the world.
  • Asia-Pacific Literacy Database offers publications, best practices, materials on literacy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Global Citizenship Education

  • Global Citizenship Education Database offers a wide range of UNESCO on  Global Citizenship Education.
  • ASPnet in action is an online collaborative platform to enhance information and knowledge sharing among the UNESCO Associated Schools Network around the world.

Education for Sustainable Development

  • The Sustainable Development Goals resource bank includes hundreds of materials: ideas for classroom activities, multimedia education resources and good practices, designed to help educators integrate Education for Sustainable Development into teaching and learning.

HIV and Health Education

  • HIV/AIDS Clearing House is a resource library and information exchange to support ministries of education, development agencies, civil society, researchers and other partners, to develop effective HIV and AIDS, school health and sexuality education.

Education Statistics

Policy, Planning and Management

  • Planipolis is as a single entry portal to education plans and policies from UNESCO Member States maintained by the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning.
  • Education System Profiles in Asia and the Pacific provides analytical overviews of education systems in the Asia-Pacific region 
  • OpenEMIS collects and reports data on schools, students, teachers and staff, is a royalty-free system and can be  customized to meet the specific needs of member countries.
  • Etico provides a resource platform on ethics and corruption in education maintained by UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning.
  • IIEP Learning Portal provides a single window to comprehensive, up-to-date, relevant, and neutral information on learning issues, from primary through secondary education.

Higher Education

Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Education for All