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#CSEandMe - Are you a youth activist? Check out these resources

Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) empowers young people to prevent unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. It also encourages more equitable and healthy relationships, as well as reducing gender-based violence, bullying and discrimination. Young people are the key to making CSE a reality for all. Get a head-start with these advocacy resources: 

  • International technical guidance on sexuality education
    This guidance helps policy makers in all countries design accurate and age-appropriate curricula for children and young people aged 5 – 18+ .
    Are your leaders using it?
  • Advocates for CSE
    A global online hub for advocacy on comprehensive sexuality education.
    Talk to members, access resources and hear other advocacy stories
  • The Pact
    ​A coalition of more than 80 organizations working collaboratively and strategically in the global HIV response.
    Read more about their advocacy initiatives, ACT!2030 and #UPROOT.