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Comprehensive sexuality education: A foundation for life and love campaign


Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) lays the foundation for life and love. Yet too few young people have the knowledge and skills they need to grow up healthily and happily.

UNESCO’s Foundation of Life and Love campaign (#CSEandMe) aims to highlight the benefits of good quality CSE for all young people. Because CSE is not just about sex. It is about relationships, gender, puberty, consent, and sexual and reproductive health, for all young people. 

Despite evidence showing that comprehensive sexuality education does not hasten sexual activity, that it has a positive impact on safer sexual behaviours and can delay sexual debut and increase condom use, it is a sensitive topic in many countries. Some groups portray CSE as being at odds with religious or family values, an overly generalized position that belies the complexity of what CSE really is.

As part of the campaign, UNESCO interviewed families from across the world about their experience of sexuality education. From Asia Pacific to Africa, Latin America to Europe and North America, parents and children told us that they wish they had known more about puberty, love, sex and relationships.

UNESCO introduces you to the Iamcham family from Thailand, the Agyepong family from Ghana, the Zenteno family from Chile and a whole host of families from the United Kingdom. We invite you to listen to what they have to say about CSE, and ask you to reflect on what CSE means to you.

Is it about love and relationships? Growing up and staying healthy? Empowerment and equality?

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