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National learning platforms and tools

Selection of national distance education platforms






  • KCID – Distance learning content provided by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, including an e-library.


  • ONEFD – The National Bureau for Distance Education and Training (Office national d’éducation et de formation à distance) of the Ministry of Education provides online learning platforms in different subjects for all academic levels. 


  • EduNET – Provides various educational services for all school levels and enables communication between faculty members, students and parents.


  • Educational channel on YouTube - Lectures by the educational television for all levels provided by professors and the General Directorate of Curricula and produced by the Educational TV Directorate.


  • MOE video channel – A dedicated YouTube channel featuring video lessons and conferences from teachers.


  • MEHE – Official learning application of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education with information for teachers and other education personnel.


  • TaalimTice - A collection of videos by subject area provided by the Ministry of Education.

United Arab Emirates

  • MOE Library – A platform established by The Ministry of Education allowing teachers and students to view and interact with the learning curriculum electronically and to download electronic copies of books.





  • Heravar  - a comprehensive distance education resources website containing a number of online resources and tools that are constantly updated.
  • Elearning – elearning portal of the Ministry of Education with different online courses by subject area.


  • Elektron Dərslik Portalı - Electronic Textbook Portal – An e-books portal linked on the Azerbaijani Ministry of Education website.



  • Rumah Belajar – A platform providing learning content, learning management system for digital classroom and other resources that enable its users to interact, communicate online and organize distance learning activities.
  • SPADA -  An e-learning platform provided for free at the moment for students of tertiary education. 


  • MEXT – Platform to support e-learning by age, level of education and subject. 
  • Future Classroom – A collection of platforms pointing users to a variety of useful sites for teaching and learning. 

Republic of Korea



  • Digital Learning Centre - an online learning platform developed by the Office of Private Education Commission (OPEC) to provide education via internet connection to the general public and all elementary and secondary students nationwide during the coronavirus outbreak. 


  • UZEDU – A collection of resources by the Ministry of Public Education to facilitate learning during school closures.





  • BMBWF – Website of the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Research dedicated to assist students and teachers with links, resources and information in support of distance learning.
  • – Resource portal of the Ministry with teaching materials for primary and secondary schools, sorted by subjects.


  • – Online platform with pedagogical resources for teachers and students from the Wallonia Brussels Federation. 


  • – A site supporting teachers in web development and brings access to educational material for all levels of education. 

Czech Republic

  • Czech Television – A television broadcast project programme called UčíTelka (Teachers) providing first grade elementary school TV lessons. 


  • Education-nation – Ministry of Education providing digital education tools to support remote learning. 


  • – The new site of the Finnish National Agency for Education to answer the needs of students, teachers and families during the coronavirus outbreak.


  • Ma classe à la maison – The Centre national d'enseignement à distance provides a virtual classroom system accessible via smartphones and computers, enabling teachers to facilitate the organization of distance learning.


  • Oktatas – A collection of resources published by the Ministry of Education for online teaching and learning.


  • Nuovo Coronavirus webpage – The webpage of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education providing information and guidance for education practitioners and families on the education response to COVID-19.
  • INDIRE webinars – National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research (INDIRE)  platform providing webinars for teachers to support them in the adoption of distance learning methodologies and tools.


  • Scoilnet – The official portal for Irish education offering online resources to support schools, teachers, students and parents.
  • PDST -  A distance learning platform and collection of resources for teachers in order to provide continuity to pupils/students during the health crisis.


  • MOE Guidelines - Guidelines developed by the Ministry of Education on remote learning with a list of distance learning platforms and resources.


  • Naujienos - a digital teaching platform with learning environments, methodological materials, teaching aids and other school-relevant information.


  • Multi-Script- Provides digital teaching/learning materials for all types of schools in order to actively promote curriculum development.


  • - Digital resources from the Ministry of Education for students from early years to secondary school. 


  • Feide – The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training and Uninett temporarily opened Feide for free, the national platform for a variety of digital services in education and research.


  • Apoio à Escolas – Set of resources to support schools in the use of distance learning methodologies to enable them to continue teaching and learning processes.


  • Proedus – A site containing video courses for preschoolers and primary school students created by the Center for Educational and Sports Projects Bucharest.
  • Telescoala – Dedicated site of the Romanian national tv to educational programs for 8th, 12th and 13th grades to prepare them for national exams. 


  • SIO – National portal for up-to-date information services, a training catalogue, an e-material repository and technical content support for primary and secondary level students and teachers.


  • - a website created by the Ministry of Education, containing webinars, online lessons, recommendations for teachers, professional staff and parents.
  • Viki - a portal of educational contents divided by subject area launched by the Ministry of Education.


  • INTEF – Ministry of Education pedagogical resources to support distance learning.
  • Procomún – A collection of close to a 100,000 educational resources and learning objects in different formats created by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science with contributors of the educational community. 
  • Educlan – An online channel supported by the Ministry of Education that presents educational resources during the period of suspension of classes because of the coronavirus.


  • - Joint website of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation and the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education with information, links and resources in support of distance learning. 


  • Remote Educational System - The Ministry of National Education will launch a “remote educational system” free of charge on March 23 2020 with a television and internet-based curriculum on a national scale. Some online resources and applications are already available on the Ministry’s website.





National responses collected by UNESCO Santiago


  • Seguimos educando - Video lessons by subject for primary/secondary levels and materials for teachers to prepare them for online teaching.
  • Biblioteca Digital – A portal for students and teachers for all schools in the country to access more than a hundred classical books and novels.



  • Aprendo en línea – Online platform providing pedagogical resources for students from 1st grade of primary education to 4th year of secondary school.


  • Colombiaaprende – An online platform created by the Ministry of Education to support teachers, families and students in the process of e-learning in the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • 3, 2, 1 Edu-Acción - The Public Media System and the Ministry of Education have created a partnership to broadcast educational content for children and youth throughout the country.

Costa Rica 

  • Aprendo en casa - A new strategy and platform created by the Ministry of Education that provides different digital resources in education from early childhood up to secondary schools.
  • Caja de herramientas – Digital ‘toolbox’ for teachers for conducting distance learning classes created by the Ministry of Education.


El Salvador


  • Educatrachos -  Provides content, activities, tools and educational resources in different formats, designed to be used by teachers and students.


  • Aprende en casa por TV y en Línea – A program launched by the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico that provides TV lessons and online resources to support learning a home. This programme will transmit preschool, primary, secondary and high school education content based on the Ministry of Public Education curricula.
  • Aprende 2.0 - Resources of the Ministry of Public Education that seeks to promote the use of ICT to foster the development of digital skills. 
  • TELEsecundaria – Previously existing system of distance education programs for high school students in rural areas of the country.
  • Libros de texto - Digital versions of all free textbooks to support learning at home.


  • Educapanama – Online courses by the Ministry of Education for pre-, primary and secondary school students to follow classes from a distance. 


  • Tu escuela en casa – Provides content, activities, tools and educational resources proposed by the Ministry of Education designed to be used by teachers and students.
  • Biblioteca Digital - Provides a set of resources to support schools and teachers with educational materials and the possibility to design lessons directly in the platform.


  • PerúEduca – A digital platform provided by the Ministry of Education offering services to the education community.


  • Plan Ceibal – Resources for teachers and students that are accessible from any device, as well as remote programs, which help mitigate the effects of the suspension of educational activities due to temporary closure of educational centers.