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UNESCO Hamdan Prize

Hamdan Prize 2013

Oxfam Novib and Education International - Belgium

“Quality Educators for All: Every Child needs a Good Teacher (Quality-Ed)” programme was established in Mali and Uganda in 2007 by Education International and Oxfam Novib. It brings together government representatives, teachers unions, civil society and academics to develop a competence profile for primary school teachers, in a bid to reform teacher training and professional development programmes. More

SOS Villages d’Enfants – Madagascar

SOS Villages d’Enfants’ “Teacher Training Programme” programme offers training in participatory pedagogy to primary and secondary teachers from formal and non-formal education since 2011. The idea is to make teaching concrete through the use of pedagogical tools that invite the students to discover and understand by themselves the course contents. More


ProEd Foundation - Panama


Fundacion proed

ProEd Foundation’s “Teachers Teaching Teachers – Professional Learning Community (PLC)” project started in 2002.  It aims to provide high-quality, continuous professional development for teachers and school administrators of all ethnic, socioeconomic and gender orientations in Panama’s public and low-income private schools.More