UNESCO Hamdan Prize

Hamdan Prize 2011-2012

African Institute for Mathematical Science Schools Enrichment Centre – South Africa

“The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Schools Enrichment Centre (AIMSSEC) was created in 2003 to help young people from marginalized communities enter higher education and to introduce new skills in the teaching of mathematics. Among AIMSSEC’s star programs is the “Mathematical Thinking Course”, which offers primary and secondary teachers the possibility to receive training in mathematical problem solving and in the use of ICTs in the teaching and learning of math. This intensive course allows teachers to then undertake a two-year training program to become subject leaders. As of today, more than 1000 teachers from all over South Africa have undertaken the training courses. More

Banco del Libro - Venezuela

Banco de Libro The Book Bank has existed since 1960 and is dedicated to the promotion of reading and children’s literature as tools for dialogue and a culture of peace. It has, among other activities, set up school and public libraries, as well as different training programs. Its “Words for Non-Violence” project, launched in 2010 in Caracas schools, aims to address the problem of school violence by using oral and written literature as a means of channeling anger and resolving conflict. The goal is to offer different reading materials that provide a space for discussion focused on the book, to create an environment conducive to reading, and to train mediators and teachers. To this day, 2,920 teachers have been trained, benefiting more than 100,000 children. More

Rato Bengala Foundation - Nepal

Training teachers is the focus of the Rato Bangala Foundation (RBF). Since its launch in 2002, it offers training programs to primary and secondary teachers, in an aim to reinforce their skills and teaching methods. In 2009, RBF began the "Dailekh School Project". This large-scale project concentrates efforts on the mountainous region of Dailkeh, west of Nepal, aiming to improve the learning and teaching environment of the 513 public schools of this isolated region. Since 2009, 1,900 teachers and 1,000 school heads have undertaken training in theory and practical teaching methods which, in turn, benefit more than 50,000 students daily. More