Norias of Hama


Images of the Noria-Gaabariyaa burned in 2014 © DGAM

The city of Hama, bisected by the Oronte River, still possess seventeen significant specimens of norias (diameter ranges from 10 to 22 meters) which from part of its urban landscape and contributes to its renown. They are unique not only to Syria but probably the worldwide. Their origins generally date back to the Arab medieval era, but a mosaic was found to date 469 B.C. which suggests that they existed long before that era.

  • August 2014: the Noria-Gaabariyya near al Nori Mosque was burned down by an unknown group. The fire burned the upper part of the new wooden wheel, while the stone base remained intact. The Hama Municipality immediately started conservation.

For images of the Noria-Gaabariyaa burned in 2014, please check the photo gallery.