Mari (Tell Hariri)


Mari in March 2010 (CC Zukaa)*

Founded around 2900 B.C., Mari is an archaeological site of major significance. It was the royal city-state of the 3rd millennium B.C.  Its discovery in 1933, followed by the discovery of Ebla in 1963, improved our understanding of Syria in the Bronze Age. Previously, we only had little information collected from Kings of Summer and Akkad inscriptions found in the current territory of Iraq.

  • Illegal excavations have affected significant buildings and several locations in the site. The number of holes totalled fifty at the end of April 2013. Digs have been carried out on the Royal Palace, the high-terrace and in the temple area.
  • Armed gangs of looters have been reported to reside at site’s visitor centre.
  • The residence of the mission and the visitor centre have been burgled.

For Satellite Images of Mari showing the extent of destruction between March and November 2014, check the photo gallery (Source: DGAM).

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