Photos showing damages at the monastery of St. Thecla in Maaloula © DGAM, April 2014

Maaloula is a village with 5000 inhabitants perched on top of a 165 metre hill, where a dialect of Aramean is still spoken today which attracts linguists in old semantic languages from across the world . The village is characterized by its exceptional natural site with numerous caves and shelters in the rock, which testifies of a persistent occupation throughout history, including during the ages of Christian persecution.

  • Damages, looting and vandalism have been reported at the Monastery of Saint Takla, the church of Saint John the Baptist , the monastery of Saint Sergius and Bacchus and the Saint Leontius Church.
  • Damages have also been reported in the old town.
  • Antique objects were stolen and destroyed in the churches of St. Saba's Shrine, St. Thomas' Shrine and the Holy Cherubim Shrine.

For photos showing damages at the monastery of St. Thecla in Maaloula, please check the photo gallery (Source: DGAM, April 2014).