Other Initiatives

Title Description Keywords
Continuing the Documentation of Palmyra by using 3D Techniques The DGAM in cooperation with ICONEM continue to work out in 3D processing and simulation with the most innovative computing methods in Palmyra. DGAM, Palmyra, ICONEM
Supporting Capacities in Safeguarding Cultural Heritage The Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Culture (DGAM) organized a workshop entitled: “Supporting Capacities in Safeguarding Cultural Heritage” on 20 – 21 May 2015 at the Damascus national museum. DGAM
Syrian Cultural Heritage: Three and a Half Years of Suffering Statement by the Directorate General of Anitquities and Museums (DGAM) DGAM
Syrian citizens protect their cultural heritage Volunteer networks from local communities all over the country have mobilized themselves and come together with a common objective to protect their unique cultural heritage. Volunteer networks
National Workshop against Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property To further raise awareness of the Syrian people to the need to protect their cultural heritage, a two-day workshop focused on the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property in Syria, was held at the National Museum in Damascus in May 2013. Illicit trafficking
National Campaign - Save Syria's History A national campaign under the banner “Save Syria’s History” was launched to raise awareness on the current looting of museums and illegal excavation of archaeological sites. National campaign, History