Other Initiatives

Title Description Keywords
ARAMIA (Syrian International Foundation for Aramaic Protection) The main objectives are to spread the Aramaic Language education among descendants of Aramaic, Syriac and Assyrian in their habitat and environment as well as deepen its study among researchers at institutes. Intangible heritage
Scanning for Syria Dutch archaeologists make three-dimensional virtual reconstructions of archaeological objects lost in the Syrian civil war. Archaeological sites, 3D reconstruction
Focus Raqqa Project Joint project between the University of Leiden and the DGAM to support the archaeological museum of Raqqa. Archaeology, Raqqa, Museum
Iconem Iconem is a Paris-based company that sends specialists to support Syrian archaeologists and architects by providing them with advanced techniques to document their heritage. Technology, Archeology, Documentation
Al Adeyat Archeological Society (available only in Arabic) Local organization present in various cities including Aleppo. They publish reports and articles. Civil society, Archaeology, Aleppo
Action for Hope Action for Hope was established to provide cultural relief and cultural development programs to meet the cultural, social and psychological needs of distressed and displaced communities. Cultural Development
Ettijahat Ettijahat is an organization that stimulates the growth of independent culture in Syria. It does this by encouraging a positive and real relationship between culture and Syria’s diverse communities. Culture, Policy
Sketch for Syria SKETCH FOR SYRIA is a global call to architects, artists and innovative thinkers to imagine postwar reconstruction.
Damascus Foundation Founded by eight Syrians of inter-disciplinary specialties, the Damascus History Foundation is a private organization fostering research on chosen themes related to the history of Damascus from the nineteenth century to present. Damascus
Documenting Damage and Protecting the Contents of the Apamea Museum Phase: I A project by The Day After (Heritage Protection Initiative) to document damages to the Apamea museum and protect its content. Apamea, Damage Assesment, Museum