Other Initiatives

Title Description Keywords
Searching for Syria Google and UNHCR teamed up on a website showcasing satellite imagery, 360 degree photos and stills, videos, stories from Syrian refugees and more. Culture, Heritage
ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives: Safeguarding the Heritage of the Near East Initiative Collaborative Service Award A new cooperative agreement between the U.S. Department of State and ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives to preserve and protect the cultural heritage of Syria and Iraq. Heritage, Culture, History
Lamba Art A team of young artists and designers using recycled handmade bottle lamps, chandeliers and other materials to create decorative objects inspired by the Syrian and Near Eastern cultural heritage. Art, Design, Heritage
Waw Design Social Venture group of young artists designing T-shirts with heritage-related themes Art, Heritage, Design
Restoration of Old Markets of Homs The project aims at the rehabilitation of the Homs old markets and is carried out by UNDP, Homs Governorate and DGAM. Homs, Souks
International Coalition for the Protection of Ancient Heritage Ten countries have banded together to form a new coalition that seeks to protect ancient heritage from extremism and senseless destruction. The announcement was made at the “Ancient Civilizations Forum” in Athens on April 24, 2017. Ancient Heritage
Mosaic Stories Telling stories about endangered diversity and cultural heritage in the Middle East. Intangible heritage
Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East & North Africa (EAMENA) Supported by the Arcadia Fund and based at the Universities of Oxford, Leicester, and Durham EAMENA was established in January 2015 to respond to the increasing threats to archaeological sites in the Middle East and North Africa. Archaeological sites
ASOR/ TDA-HPI ASOR Undertakes Humanitarian Heritage Work in Idlib Governorate in collaboration with The Day After - Heritage Protection Initiative. Idlib, Museum, Reconstruction, Al Ma'ara Museum, Caravansary
The Aleppo Project The Aleppo Project is an open collaboration among people from all walks of life who are thinking about the future of a city torn apart by war. Aleppo, Reconstruction