These are some of the organizations that publish regular reports on the situation of cultural heritage in Syria (by alphabetical order): 

The Association for the protection of Syrian Archaeology (APSA), The American School of Oriental Research (ASOR), The Day After - Heritage Protection Initiative (TDA-HPI), Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM), Heritage for Peace (H4P), SHIRIN, Syria Archaeological Heritage in Danger (Le Patrimoine archéologique syrien en danger), The Syrian Heritage Archive Project (SHAP)*, The Authority of Tourism and Protection of Antiquities in Al Jazira Canton (ATPAAC) and UNITAR-UNOSAT.


Title Organizationsort descending Keywords Publish date Links
The archaeological sites in the middle Euphrates valley and Balikh basin ATPAAC Jazira, Archaeological sites 3 May 2017  Download
Documentation of the archeological sites in the Hull area ATPAAC Archaeological sites, Jazira 25 May 2017  Link
Documenting Round for some archaeological sites in Tell Hamis area ATPAAC Archaeological sites, Jazira 21 May 2017  Link
Documenting Round of some archaeological sites in Amouda area ATPAAC Archaeological sites, Jazira 11 May 2017  Link