These are some of the organizations that publish regular reports on the situation of cultural heritage in Syria (by alphabetical order): 

The Association for the protection of Syrian Archaeology (APSA), The American School of Oriental Research (ASOR), The Day After - Heritage Protection Initiative (TDA-HPI), Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM), Heritage for Peace (H4P), SHIRIN, Syria Archaeological Heritage in Danger (Le Patrimoine archéologique syrien en danger), The Syrian Heritage Archive Project (SHAP)*, The Authority of Tourism and Protection of Antiquities in Al Jazira Canton (ATPAAC) and UNITAR-UNOSAT.


Title Organization Keywords Publish datesort ascending Links
Documentation of the archeological sites in the Hull area ATPAAC Archaeological sites, Jazira 25 May 2017  Link
Updating the interactive map of the conflicted archaeological sites and monuments DGAM Archaeological sites 22 May 2017  Link
Damage assessment of Ar Raqqa, Ar Raqqa Governorate, Syria UNITAR-UNOSAT Raqqa 22 May 2017  Link
Documenting Round for some archaeological sites in Tell Hamis area ATPAAC Archaeological sites, Jazira 21 May 2017  Link
Damage to Syria's Heritage newsletter (no: 66) H4P Aleppo, Palmyra, Raqqa, Mosques, Bosra, Jazira 14 May 2017  Link
Documenting Round of some archaeological sites in Amouda area ATPAAC Archaeological sites, Jazira 11 May 2017  Link
Aleppo – al-Bab: Reports on the damage to the Great Mosque APSA Aleppo, Mosques 8 May 2017  Link
The archaeological sites in the middle Euphrates valley and Balikh basin ATPAAC Jazira, Archaeological sites 3 May 2017  Download
Damage to Syria’s heritage newsletter (n: 65) H4P Aleppo, Hama, Mosaics, Illicit trafficking, Idlib, Palmyra, Mosques 3 May 2017  Link
ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives (CHI) Safeguarding the Heritage of the Near East Initiative - April 2017 Monthly Report ASOR Idlib, Aleppo 1 May 2017  Download
Preliminary Statistics for Documentation of Illicit Excavations In Hama DGAM Hama, Illegal excavations 18 April 2017  Link
Damage to Syria's Heritage newsletter (no: 64) H4P Aleppo, Idlib, Hasakeh, Damascus 16 April 2017  Link
Aleppo: the actual state of the St. ‎Simeon‬ Monastery APSA Aleppo, Saint Simeon Monastry 15 April 2017  Link
Damage in the Tomb _Abu Jdari DGAM Hasakeh, Archaeological sites 15 April 2017  Link
Damage to Syria's Heritage newsletter (no: 63) H4P Jazira, Aleppo, Palmyra, Idleb 5 April 2017  Link
Report about Discovered Materials in Tell Mozan ATPAAC Jazira, Archaeological sites 2 April 2017  Download
Damage to Syria's Heritage newsletter (no: 62) H4P Palmyra, Aleppo, Tell Mozan 17 March 2017  Link
Towards a Protection of the Syrian Cultural Heritage: A summary of the National and International Responses (Volume IV / October 2015 - December 2016) H4P 8 March 2017  Link
Bakirha in Djebel Barisha, Rural Idleb, Exposed to vandalism DGAM Idleb 7 March 2017  Link
Latest News from Palmyra DGAM Palmyra 6 March 2017  Link
Preliminary Damage Assesment of Al-Assad School and Al-Tartoussi Mosque in Aleppo DGAM Aleppo, Mosques 5 March 2017  Link
Damage to Syria's Heritage newsletter (no: 61) H4P Aleppo, Idlib, Illicit trafficking 2 March 2017  Link
In Photos: Damage of Abbais Mosque, Al_Sakakini Mosque and Al_Tawbah Mosque in old Aleppo DGAM Aleppo, Mosque 28 February 2017  Link
General Report _ About the Situation of Archaeological Sites in Al Jazira Canton in 2016 ATPAAC Jazira, Archaeological sites 9 February 2017  Download
State Party Report on the state of conservation of The Syrian Cultural Heritage Sites (Syrian Arab Republic) (2017) DGAM Official 1 February 2017  Link
Damage to Syria's Heritage newsletter (no: 60) H4P Palmyra, Aleppo, Idlib, Archaeology 30 January 2017  Link
UNOSAT Palmyra Roman Tetrapylon and Amphitheatre Damage Assessment UNITAR-UNOSAT Palmyra, Archaeological sites 20 January 2017  Download
Damage to Syria's Heritage newsletter (no: 59) H4P Aleppo, Bosra Al-Sham 14 January 2017  Link
Report on Murad Pasha Caravansary (Museum of Ma’arrat Al-Numan) TDA-HPI Museum 11 January 2017  Link
Damage to Syria's Heritage newsletter (no: 58) H4P Aleppo 3 January 2017  Link