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Strategic Planning

Country Programming

UNESCO Country Programming Documents (UCPDs) capture all of UNESCO’s activities in a particular country, whether funded from regular or extrabudgetary resources, in a single document. To date, 53 UCPDs have been published and are available HERE. Others are in the process of being prepared and will soon be published.        
Specifically, it helps:

  • providing an overview of pertinent developments relevant to UNESCO’s areas of competence (situation analysis);
  • providing a succinct results-based status description of all ongoing and recent past UNESCO activities (including contributions by UNESCO category 1 institutes) and highlight UNESCO contributions to existing country programming documents (such as CCA/UNDAF, One Plan/Programme, PRS, SWAps);
  • describing ongoing cooperation with other United Nations partners and external donors;
  • identifying components and deliverables for inclusion in ongoing or future common country programming exercises;
  • suggesting entry points for future cooperation and joint programming with other United Nations entities.