Ms. Maria Calado

Art historian, graduated in History and Museology (Curator of Museums and National Palaces) and PhD in History of Architecture (Technical University of Lisboa), Maria Calado developed an academic career, first at the School of Fine Arts and later at the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon, as director of the Department of History and Theory of Architecture, Urbanism, Design and Arts. She is the author of several books about History of Art, Cultural Heritage and cultural Policies.

She was Councilor of the Lisbon City Council (1998-2002), responsible for Cultural and Social policies, for the Municipal Council for the Integration of People with Disabilities and for the Municipal Council for the Inclusion of Ethnic Communities. She coordinated the European Heritage Days of the Council of Europe (2002-2004).

Since 2015 Maria Calado is the President of Centro Nacional de Cultura (Portugal). She is also a member of the National Education Council, of the General Council of the National Commission for UNESCO and of International Council on Monuments and Sites - ICOMOS-Portugal.