The Expert Meeting on Music and Textile Themes of the Interactive Atlas will be held from 12 to 13 September 2018 in Margilan, Uzbekistan. This meeting of experts is organized by UNESCO, and in close collaboration with the government of Uzbekistan. Renowned international and Uzbek experts will gather together in order to discuss the exchange of important cultural elements between different regions along the Silk Roads in the field of Music and Textile production. The official opening of the Atlas Bayrami Festival in Margilan, to be held on 14 September, will follow this expert meeting. 

Although the current context of globalization is filled with conflict and mistrust, the Silk Roads offer an instructive example of a long-lasting legacy of exchanges, dialogue and cooperation, which serve as a basis for peace and sustainable development. Thus, the development of the Interactive Atlas will highlight the common heritage that flourished throughout these regions.


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  • Title: Expert Meeting on Music and Textile Themes of the Interactive Atlas
    12 Sep 2018 to 13 Sep 2018
    Land, Maritime
    Ms Jewel Goode: