Stop Coronavirus at School Today

Project name :

Safe return to school in the Caribbean

Budget :

100K$ - 500K$

Project duration :


In line with the UNESCO/ the World Bank/UNICEF/the World Food Programme Framework for reopening schools, UNESCO's Cluster Office in the Caribbean has developed a video on Safe return to school in the
Caribbean with the title "Joanne and Daniel Lead the Way - Stop Coronavirus at School Today!".

The animation deals with the safe return to school in the Caribbean and shows the students how they can learn safely in the new learning environment in the time of COVID-19: Wearing masks at school, keeping physical distance from peers and teachers, maintaining proper hygiene, access to social and emotional health and wellness counseling, and the need to stay home and move from a traditional classroom to high-tech, low-tech and medium-tech pathways.

The key message is clear:

Ending COVID-19 starts with you!

The video premiere took place on Thursday, September 10. Read the Article here. 

Now, get to know Daniel and Joanne. 

Hello my name is Daniel

I am Daniel from the Caribbean - I am going back to school after a long time of staying and learning from home due to COVID-19. Now I always wear my mask when leaving the house. 

..and I am Joanne

Hello I am Joanne. Together with Daniel, I will show you what it is like to return to school in the new learning environment of COVID-19. You will learn how to stay safe and protect yourself and your classmates from the novel coronavirus. Don't worry - we can do it! 

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