World Radio Day 2014 celebration and training in Kisumu county, Kenya

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UNESCO celebrated World Radio Day on 13 February 2014 under the theme: Gender Equality in Radio in Kisumu, KenyaThe event brought together 50 participants from Media Houses, Community Radios Stations, Non-Governmental Organizations and Kisumu County Government Officials

Mangelete Radio
Mug'ambo Jwetu Radio
Mwanedu Radio
Sauti FM
World Radio Day 2014 celebrations and workshop in Kisumu county, Kenya
World Radio Day 2014 celebrations and workshop in Kisumu county, Kenya
World Radio Day 2014 celebrations and workshop in Kisumu county, Kenya
World Radio Day 2014 celebrations and workshop in Kisumu county, Kenya

The celebrations were opened by Ms Merita Ombuor, Chief Communications Officer, Marketing and Change Management, County Government of Kisumu, who stated that “Kisumu County Government is delighted to be invited and be part of the World Radio Celebrations in Kenya and it is an honour for UNESCO to hold this year’s celebrations in Kisumu.  She further stated that County Government looks forward to liaise and possibly partner with UNESCO on initiatives around ICTs, gender and media and help develop training programs aimed at building capacity of journalists in radio on how to produce development programs in the various sectors of the county.”

At the occasion of the community radio practitioners were trained on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Radio Programming and Diffusion aimed at equipping them with prerequisite skills on how to use ICTs for radio programming.  Training on the Use of Internet to Report on Women empowerment was also carried out to twenty six participants represented by Sauti FM, Mugambo Jwetu FM, Mwanedu FM and Radio Mang’elete FM.  

Mr Dan Anduvate from FIT Resources Ltd, said that “This year’s celebrations provided a great opportunity for the community radio stations practitioners, especially women - to share their experiences and learn from one another, for their efforts to be appreciated and to get encouraged to forge on in spite of numerous challenges and bottlenecks that they face.”

This activity is part of UNESCO’s on-going SIDA project on “Empowering local radios with ICTs” benefitting4 radio stations located in Kenya, part of 32 other radio stations spread in Africa.

World Radio Day 2014 was celebrated around the world to promote gender equality by sensitizing radio station owners, executives, journalists, and governments to develop gender-related policies and strategies for radio; eliminate stereotypes and promote multidimensional portrayal in radio; build radio skills for youth radio production; and, promote safety of women radio journalists.

First phase (2012-2014)