First phase (2012-2014)

UNESCO carried out a workshop at Mangelete FM, in Kenya, on the role of correspondents to feed local news and collect testimonies from 3 to 4 June 2014. The training brought together 92 participants, including the correspondents of the radio station, comprising of 23 men and 75 women. It aimed at increasing and deepening their knowledge on how to feed the radio station with relevant and timely information on local news.  

Local Radio

Mangelete Radio

89.1 FM

Workshop for Mangalete FM's correspondents, Kenya
Workshop for Mangalete FM's correspondents, Kenya
Workshop for Mangalete FM's correspondents, Kenya
Workshop for Mangalete FM's correspondents, Kenya

During the workshop, Ms. Rose Kyalo, the training facilitator, sensitized the correspondents on different ways of reporting to the station. The main topics were how to report on issues of public concern and new modes of reporting. The correspondents learned new ideas of reporting through Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, email and others.

The workshop was delivered through presentations and group discussions. During group work, the participants analyzed the challenges faced during their field work such as lack of Internet, some lacked recorders, lack of smart phones for Internet connection. The station manager, Mr. Meshack Nyamai, promised to supply voice recorders to those who needed them.

In consequence of the training, participants acquired reporting skills such as reporting on local news, interviewing techniques, moderation and interactivity, documentary reporting, gathering of testimonies, media law and self-regulation. The workshop also raised awareness on the importance of building trust and confidence among the members of the community.


Contribute to Local Radio

Support local radio and community media

Community media, including local radio, should be supported from several angles: strenghtened skills and capacity-building, reinforced network and knowledge sharing, promotion of favorable legislative environment for sustainable growth. UNESCO is supporting community media practically by training professionals, but is also working with duty-bearers to ensure progress at policy-level.