First phase (2012-2014)

From 17th to 18th November 2013, 15 radio Sauti staff (8 men and 7 women) were trained in Asembo Bay, Siaya county, Kenya. The workshop target was to enhance their capacities on producing programs in agriculture, health and women empowerment. 

Local Radio

Sauti FM

98.1 FM

Workshop in Sauti FM, Kenya
Training group during workshop in Sauti FM, Kenya

Dr. Onuonga, Fredrick Mariwa and Mary Casiraghi, from Community Media Support, conducted a participatory training as follows:

-          analysis of the level of understanding of the trainees about the topics to be trained;

-          identification of the capacity gaps;

-          theoretical and practical components, including individual and group exercises.

After the activities, an evaluation took place identyfing how new concepts would be put into practice in radios' daily routines.


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Community media, including local radio, should be supported from several angles: strenghtened skills and capacity-building, reinforced network and knowledge sharing, promotion of favorable legislative environment for sustainable growth. UNESCO is supporting community media practically by training professionals, but is also working with duty-bearers to ensure progress at policy-level.