Workshop on planning and financial management in DRC

Financial management
Financial planning
Project outcomes: 
Financial management of radios strengthened

A third workshop on planning and financial management was held in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, from 2 to 3 December 2013, to 12 radio managers and financial staff.

Kimvuka na Lutondo
Radio Bangu
Radio Moanda
Radio Télé Déo Gratias
The training was led by Mr. Jeremiah Luyindula to integrate and use ICTs for the management and the financial viability of benefitting local radio stations, in combination with the skills’ development of radio staff.
Activities covered “fundamentals of finance”, followed by “predictive tools and software planning and financial management." Participants improved skills on how to develop financial plans, cash flows and income statements assisted by ICTs.
First phase (2012-2014)