Workshop in Marketing by Sauti Ya Maendeleo Resource Centre (SYMRC), in Kenya

Financial planning
Project outcomes: 
Financial management of radios strengthened
Sauti FM
Mangelete Radio
Mug'ambo Jwetu Radio


Good news! UNESCO, with great support from the Swedish government, organized a workshop in marketing to help local radios strengthen and increase their impact on local population . The event was organized at Polyview Hotel in Kisumu County in the month of February 2016.  

As active as it could be, the activity brought together many participants who were staff of radio Sauti with the additional participation of Mwanedu Radio (Mwanedu Fm 96.1), Mangelete Community radio (89.1FM) and Mug’ambo Jwetu Radio (102.3 FM).

This ambitious project intended to increase the quality of local radio programming and broadcasting by fully integrating the use of ICTs, strengthening local reporting on development issues and engaging poor people’s participation in debates related to their livelihood and development.

A total of 18 participants attended the training including 9 women. Both genders were actively involved and made the event interactive and participatory showing much interest in the topics covered by the trainer. Radio Sauti mainly prioritized activities on entrepreneurship and income generation with a focus on local development.

This workshop empowered then the participants on how increasing the income of the radio will help them generate finances from multiple sources which will help support the professional trips of the staff in the field as they do their work, gather information from farther areas and broaden coverage. Through increasing the quality of their radios and making them more attractive to public, the managers may now see better opportunities to engage locals’ participation in the discussion of daily issues at the same time that they keep track on local reports and information.

This workshop was organized within the framework of the “Empowering Local Radio with ICTs” project led by UNESCO and funded by the Swedish government UNESCO's project "Empowering Local Radios with ICTs" aims to bridge the gap between poor people - especially women and girls - and the public debate on issues of local public concern. This is achieved through a series of capacity-building activities in local radio stations, improving the programming quality, providing training on the use of ICTs and helping them to increase their geographical range of news coverage with a network of correspondents. The project, furthermore, focus on gender equality actions and financial sustainability of the radio stations.



Second phase (2015-2018)