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Workshop for Correspondents, including ICTs, Pemba-Zanzibar, Tanzania

First phase (2012-2014)

Local Radio

Micheweni Radio

94.7 FM

Kyela FM

96 FM

Workshop for Journalists on ICTs, Pemba-Zanzibar, Tanzania
Workshop for Journalists on ICTs, Pemba-Zanzibar, Tanzania
Workshop for Journalists on ICTs, Pemba-Zanzibar, Tanzania
Coordinator - Rose Haji, Community Media Trainer
Facilitator - Lucas Kulwa, Kyela Fm Radio Manager
Aim of the training:
How to effectively make use of internet in modern journalism for finding information, news monitoring, communication and publication with the purpose of empowering journalists with high quality journalism for community radio
  • Explain how internet and other digital media have changed the world of communication and media
  • Participants will practice how to search for information through internet and also publish in internet
  • Group discussions and team work
  • Power Point presentations
  • Assignment
Objectives of the workshop
1. To develop the capacity of radio correspondents in collecting human interest stories
2. Training correspondents in writing feature articles from the stories that they collect. The skills to write feature articles will be an incentive for them to write for the print media as well, and earn an extra income.
3. To equip radio correspondents with Word processing skills so that they can be able to use Microsoft Word to write stories, attach the story on email and send it to the Community radio.
4. Correspondents familiarize themselves in editing photographs and images
5. Raise awareness for correspondents on observing their safety and security while in the fields.
6. Correspondents are able to understand the basics of radio programme production (transferring text into words)
7. All correspondents subscribe to a web based email
8. Introduce correspondents to COMNETA collaboration tools (yahoo groups mailing list, facebook page and wiki page)
9. Form a mailing list for community radio correspondents.
October, 15: Basic Word Usage
  • Create New Documents
  • Format Text and Paragraphs
  • Create Bullet and Numbering Lists
  • Use Tabs
  • Perform Page Setup
  • Printing Documents

October, 16: Inserting graphics, charts and objects. Using Internet, email.

October, 17: Using Google Search engine.

October, 18: Reporting in unsecure environments. Tips for writing feature story.

October, 19: Writing a short radio feature story and record from the given assignment.




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