First phase (2012-2014)

Journalists and reporters from all of the nine participating local radios in Tanzania, engaged in this three days’ workshop on covering humanitarian assistance and providing disaster relief information, at the Kahama FM radio station in Shinyanga from 8 to 11 of June 2014. 

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Kahama FM workshop participants
Trainers at the workshop on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief information
Trainer at workshop, Kahama FM, Tanzania
31 participants from 9 local radios at Kahama FM, Tanzania

The three days of capacity building workshop introduced 31 participants to disaster, weather and food security issues, and informed them on how media and competent reporting can provide assistance, relief and disaster risk reduction to the community. The national trainers were Harrison C. Chinyuka, Hellen E. Msemo, Valerian V. Kidole and Rose H. Mwalimu.

Gathering trainers from different organizations, they came from the Disaster Management Department (DMD), the Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) and the Food Security Department at the Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperative. During the workshop the participants were engaged in the principles of Disaster Warning and Risk Communication. It reinforced their understanding of how disaster issues are managed from national level to local community levels, and how resources can be allocated to create an immediate relief and reconstruction of local communities. The important role of the media was also emphasized in relation to weather information and environment protection, since all 80% of disasters worldwide are weather related.

The journalists and reporters gained knowledge on how to broadcast authorized weather predictions, food security and on how to conduct nutrition assessments, identification of people with food needs and how to search and get reliable information from sources when reporting from the field.


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