Workshop on correspondent's use of ICTs in Jozi FM

Issues of local public concern
Project outcomes: 
ICT training
Correspondents’ network

A workshop aimed at strengthening Jozi FM’s network of correspondents and increasing their knowledge on ICTs was carried out from 24 to 28 March 2014 for 6 correspondents and a focal person for monitoring radio schedule.

Jozi FM

Trainees improved skills on the use of the Internet for journalistic production and broadcast. They also gained knowledge on which online platforms and mobile media could support information delivery and communication both within the radio and towards listeners.

The training integrated different Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for radio programming and interaction. The workshop promoted discussions on how to improve Jozi FM’s use of mobile telephony and social media to address daily challenges faced by the radio station.

Another aspect of the training was the role of correspondents at Jozi FM and the role of the community participation in programming and broadcasting. This discussion covered different platforms of engagement between correspondents and audience in order to increase local content being reported.

The workshop was complemented by addressing ethical aspects related to online platforms and mobiles, as well as digital media ethics. Some of the topics covered were: anonymity, rumours, hoax and verification, impartiality and conflict of interest. Trainees used MyLocalRadio, Skype, Google products, Whatsapp, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook pages, targeting the improvement of audience engagement and interaction. Lastly, participants produced radio programmes using smartphones and voice recorders on the issues of local public concern, including unemployment, crime, drugs, alcohol abuse and gender based violence.

First phase (2012-2014)