Workshop on correspondents' reporting at Valley FM, South Africa

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The workshop took place during 4 days (23, 24 and 31 August and 1 September 2013), equipping 10 radio correspondents (4 men and 6 women) with the ability to use ICT in their broadcasting. The trainer was Mr. Al-Ameen Kafaar, an experienced journalist and communication specialist, and training was held at Valley FM’s premises, in Worcester, Western Cape.

Valley FM
Workshop on Correspondents' reporting - Valley FM
Workshop on Correspondents' reporting - Valley FM
Workshop on Correspondents' reporting - Valley FM

The purpose of the training was to enhance correspondents’ understanding of ICTs and the linkages between ICTs and radio; and to prepare them for their role as correspondents gathering material to inform the content of Valley FM’s programmes.

The training manual prepared by UNESCO was reproduced and served as course material. Participatory training methodology ensured the active engagement of all correspondents. Each correspondent had an opportunity to practically experience the integration between ICTs and radio. Correspondents participated in group discussions, complete tasks, such as setting up a Facebook account and planning the delivery of news to the radio station.

Some of the participants could for the first time create Facebook; e-mail accounts and learn how to use it. Correspondents could also explore social network tools that they not normally use, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Another practical exercise focused on blogs and creating and using hash tags in Twitter.


The training workshops empower correspondents to:

·         understand ICTs and how radio stations use ICTs

·         explore how ICTs enhance listener participation

·         gain knowledge about online platforms, mobile phones and freed and open sources

·         learn how to use social networking tools and other tools used to create digital stories

In addition, training workshops focused on:

·         the role of correspondents

·         news desks and interaction between the news desk and correspondents

·         digital media and ethics

The training workshops also enhanced correspondents’ ability to:

·         gather feedback and use it effectively (monitoring and evaluation)

·         use tools integrating mobile phones for education and monitoring

·         assess the most appropriate ICT platforms for use at Valley FM

First phase (2012-2014)