Workshop on Agriculture and Health programmes, Kenya

Project outcomes: 
Journalism training
Sauti FM
Mwanedu Radio
Mug'ambo Jwetu Radio
Mangelete Radio

SAUTI FM carried out two capacity building workshops on Agriculture and Health Programmes on 7th to 10th February 2013 and on 18th to 21st February 2013 at Radio Sauti-Hundhwe FM in Asembo Bay, Kenya. The training which brought together 18 community radio broadcasters and practitioners aimed at equipping them with knowledge and skills on agriculture and health programmes respectively. It also served as a platform for sharing knowledge by participants, thus enabled to define common strategies of increasing the social impact of radio programmes in aforementioned key thematic areas. 

The Agriculture training for the journalists mainly focused on areas such as impact programming in agriculture, crop farming systems, feeding and management, harvesting, storage, marketing, crop management and crop rotation and livestock production. The Health training focused on understanding key concepts in health programs, role of radio and theory on behavior change, role of community radio in preventing HIV and AIDS prevalence, ABC of HIV and AIDS, Water and Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and malaria among other areas. This training further saw the formation of thematic program production teams on both health and agriculture to help spearhead quality program production and ensure its sustainability.

Speaking during the agriculture training, Mrs. Pamela Mburia, Executive Director of Kilimo Media International urged radio stations to educate the community on farming issues with emphasis on crop timing, i.e. crops planted during short and long rains. Also Mr. Jacob Chieng, Rarieda District Community Health Worker intimated that the Community Learning Program Model adopted during this training will ensure that health issues of local public concern are aired professionally and this will see the program sustained.

Jeconia Ayiecho, a farmer in Asembo Bay stated “For the first time I feel honored to be part of a radio program production team. I believe this has enhanced our friendship with the radio and now we will be able to fully contribute to the programs produced by the radio to farmers. Now I can say that this radio is truly our voice”.

Ms. Ruth Change, a Producer/Presenter at Sauti FM also said that “Am so excited that I can now use the voice analysis to evaluate the programs that I produce. When I tried it during the training it gave me an almost perfect program which will improve the quality of my program and increase my audience base”.

Community radio has played a pivotal role in enhancing change in this region. In terms of agriculture, it has helped farmers to access very important and timely agricultural information such as right seeds for the season, where to access the seeds, disease and pest outbreak, control of the pests and diseases among other information.  Similarly, community radio has played a great role on health issues. This is particularly seen with the adoption of the community learning program model on health issues that has led to tremendous reduction in sanitation related illness like cholera,  increased prenatal and antenatal clinic visits by pregnant mothers in the community.

First phase (2012-2014)